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United Nations

Honduras asks UN to create Anti-Corruption Commission

The Honduran government of Xiomara Castro asked the UN on Thursday to create a commission against corruption and impunity, the Foreign Ministry announced. "The president...

World leaders call for $23 billion to end pandemic this year

The UN chief was among world leaders calling for $23 billion to support the ACT-Accelerator, the landmark collaboration that makes these goods accessible to...

Pandemic still taking heavy toll on jobs: UN

The Covid-19 crisis is continuing to hit jobs hard around the world, the United Nations said Monday, warning it could take years for employment...

Costa Rica and UN stress the need for financing a Latin American recovery

Costa Rica and the United Nations stressed on Monday in San Jose that Latin America and the Caribbean need funding to overcome the...

This Thanksgiving in Costa Rica, pass a plate to those in need

Share your Thanksgiving meal with a child in need - including children who have fled the Syrian conflict - with just a click on your smartphone.

Costa Rica participates in COP26: ‘Last, best hope’ to meet 1.5C target

Global COP26 climate negotiations are the "last, best hope" to keep the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C alive, said summit president Alok Sharma

Watch: Costa Rica’s address to the UN General Assembly

President Carlos Alvarado on Tuesday delivered Costa Rica's address to the United Nations General Assembly. The 76th Session of the General Assembly of the...

Climate change could cause 216 million to migrate, World Bank warns

Reduced agricultural production, water scarcity, rising sea levels and other adverse effects of climate change could cause up to 216 million people to migrate within their own countries by 2050.

One in three minors in Costa Rica lives in poverty, UNICEF says

One in three children under 18 years of age in Costa Rica lives in poverty.

Weather, climate disasters surge fivefold in 50 years: UN

Weather-related disasters have skyrocketed over the past half-century, causing far more damage even as better warning systems have meant fewer deaths, the UN said.

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