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Costa Rica
Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Tourism and Poverty have an Ocean View in Costa Rica

At the end of a street lined with luxury hotels, a dozen houses made of zinc and wood go unnoticed by tourists in the...

Why a Traveler to Costa Rica Should Visit Drake Bay

Making your way to Drake Bay will take a bit of planning and an adventurous spirit. It lies along the remoteness of Costa Rica’s...

Costa Rica Tourism Chamber Applauds Lifting of Covid 19 Restrictions

With the announcement by Costa Rica President Alvarado that restrictions due to Covid-19 are being removed the tourism sector is optimistic that travel numbers...

Visiting Cartago Costa Rica: It’s History and Culture

Cartago takes you to the heart of what Costa Rica once was, a place of the day’s past. It is a city of history...

Traveling to Costa Rica? Your flight may be shorter than the immigration line

For reasons that defy logic, given the importance tourism has for Costa Rica, especially after the strains of Covid-19, many visitors stand for hours,...

In Costa Rica – it’s not always about the fish: An angler’s aside

Humpback and killer whales, sea turtles and a myriad of plant life also await fishermen in Costa Rica.

3 American Tourists killed in tragic Costa Rica Car Accident

A dash cam video captured the final seconds before a vehicle south of Quepos with five people in it apparently made a sudden U...

Costa Rica’s Traditional “Juego de los Diablitos” Upcoming Celebration

“El Juego de los Diablitos,” one of Costa Rica’s oldest indigenous traditional celebrations is happening this upcoming Thursday, January 27th at midnight, in the...

The Body of the US diver missing in Costa Rica has been Found

According to the Costa Rican authorities, yesterday afternoon, the body of the American citizen who had been missing since 2 o'clock in the afternoon...

Costa Rica Government Acknowledges Errors in Tourism Guide

At the request of the Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado, the Government offers an apology to all women in the country for the...

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