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Why a Traveler to Costa Rica Should Visit Drake Bay

Making your way to Drake Bay will take a bit of planning and an adventurous spirit. It lies along the remoteness of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific Coast and is perfect for those in search of a bit of seclusion from the rest of the world.

Here you can escape and reach some of the country’s most untouched wilderness in the Osa Peninsula.

Organizing your journey here can seem overwhelming but with a few well-thought-out decisions you can easily find your way to one of Costa Rica’s most breathtaking and surreal destinations.

First, you will want to consider what season you are venturing to Drake Bay since this can play an integral part in how you are going to arrive. The rainy season can cause a lot of flooding, especially with the rivers that you would need to cross.

Another factor to take into consideration when planning your trip to Drake Bay is that September and October are by far the rainiest months and in October many of the local places close down.

If you are familiar with the terrains of the area or how to maneuver through Costa Rica’s unforgiving back roads then head out in your 4-wheel drive and be sure it is during the daylight hours.

This will be one of the most thrilling escapes you may take through unpaved back roads leading you through the jungle.

Expect to have to cross through some low rivers during the dry season and even mountain roads, it may be all the things you wanted to cross off your bucket list in just one Costa Rican wild experience.

However, if you are renting then driving is not in your best interest.

The most efficient and smoothest way that some reach Drake Bay is through one of Costa Rica’s domestic flights. The flight will take you quickly right to Drake Bay’s airport within an hour saving you many hours within your day of travel.

The most popular and fun way to find your way to Drake Bay is by one of the exciting and fun taxi boats. You can leave your vehicle overnight for a nightly fee at the restaurant/bar at the boat dock, just remember not to leave anything out in the open or valuables in the vehicle.

Be sure to check with where you are staying in Drake Bay if your boat transportation is included in your stay as some will offer this, however, if not you can arrange for this once you get to Sierpe.

The taxi boats depart from Sierpe twice a day in the late morning at 1130 am and the second in the afternoon, at 4 pm. Arranging for this is done on the scene so it is not something that you can try and schedule beforehand, however, some locals do offer their own means of boat transportation if you find yourself stuck or missing the launch times.

The taxi boat is just the start of your amazing adventure, taking you through the ominous mangrove forests and out onto the ocean getting you to Drake Bay in about an hour.

It is truly one of the most incredible experiences and takes your vacation to a whole new you level as head out to the isolated paradise of Drake Bay’s intriguing wilderness.

Once arriving at the magic of Drake Bay you will be rewarded for all the effort you made to encounter such an off-the-beaten-path haven with its simplicity and beauty.

It is a no-frills type of place where the town and biodiverse nature speaks volumes for itself, not needing to be overshadowed by urbanization and trends.

The unspoiled beaches feel deserted with your own paradise retreat. Eco-lodges, all-inclusive hotels in the jungle hills, ocean views, off the grid, and charming boutique hotels. Although a small area, there is an assortment of lodging for whichever type of escape you are seeking.

They put you in the epicenter of the sounds of the rainforest. There is casual and authentic dining pairing perfectly with the atmosphere of the village. Drake Bay is pure, raw, and rugged, a place to breathe and escape free of over-development and unnecessary stimulation.

About 10 miles off Drake Bay, just a quick boat ride away is what some have called the Galapagos of Costa Rica, Caño Island Biological Reserve.  Considered to be within the top places to snorkel and best diving spots in all of Costa Rica.

Be sure to take advantage of this when visiting this region of the country. The gentle giant turtles, sharks, moray eels, playful and curious manta rays all inhabit this underwater paradise of unimaginable creatures.

It is of serene marine habits of corals and stunning marine flora and fauna.

The overwhelming biodiverse Corcovado National Park is within this distant zone of the country with an incredibly high concentration of wildlife, hosting all four of Costa Rica’s monkey species in its mysterious jungles. Here you can have the chance of sighting Baird’s Tapir and exploring some of Costa Rica’s most rich and extensive ecosystems.

With the remoteness and lushness of Drake Bay be sure to pack your binoculars for all the exotic wildlife within the towering trees. Monkeys, sloths, and an extensive array of birdlife will greet you throughout your days. It is a paradise for all of Costa Rica’s most loved animals where they also seek solace and respite in the desolate jungles of the northern Osa Peninsula. 

Don’t forget a flashlight and your bug repellent, it might make your evenings a bit more tranquil. Most importantly be sure to bring enough cash to get you through your stay as many of the establishments aren’t set up to accept payments through other methods.

Don’t be deterred by the location of Drake Bay, it may sound like a bit of an effort but in fact, it is not too complicated. All great things in life take a bit of effort but the reward can be ever so sweet.

Drake Bay is what people dream of when they think of Costa Rica. The rainforests, the tropical birds flying above, the sleepy sloths, and the howling monkeys. Drake Bay is the gateway to reaching some of the best marine life and epic jungle hikes. Don’t pass by the opportunity to experience the essence of all that Costa Rica is.

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