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Costa Rica’s Traditional “Juego de los Diablitos” Upcoming Celebration

“El Juego de los Diablitos,” one of Costa Rica’s oldest indigenous traditional celebrations is happening this upcoming Thursday, January 27th at midnight, in the indigenous town of Curre and is the start their most important annual traditional festivals.

The three day event commemorates the struggle of the original communities against the conquistadors and the defense of their culture and traditions.

The young people from town play the role of the diablitos and are adorned with masks representing jungle creatures, local gods or both.

“When the indigenous people faced the invaders in that period of the Conquest, they protected their bodies with leaves and their faces with masks, to scare their enemies in these fights. For that reason, when they saw them dressed like that and since they were considered rebels, they called them ‘little devils’. According to the conquerors, the indigenous people were beings that embodied diabolic figures and that is why they rebelled to be obedient” according to the indigenous community of Curré.

The pageantry is rich with other forms of symbolism, with images of the bull representing their enemy, the oppressing invaders, while the diablitos represent the local resistance that harassed and fought the outsiders.

These days the community welcomes visitors to come share in their clelebration. All activities are free and open to the public.

The communities of Curre and Yimba are located in the Southern part of Costa Rica 220 kilometers south of San Jose.  You can get there via the Costanera or via el Cerro de la Muerte.

For more details on events or accomodations you can contact them via WhatsApp at 8709 3735.

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