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Toucan Rescue Ranch

Happy International Sloth Day! Today, we celebrate our friend the sloth

Sloths are important because of their role in supporting the health of the rainforest.

Slothy Sunday: Sloths and selfies

Too many tourists travel to Costa Rica, or similar biodiverse countries, and visit centers like TRR for the wrong reasons

Sloths named new national symbol of Costa Rica

There is a new national symbol of Costa Rica: Both two-fingered and three-fingered sloths have been added to the ranks

Sloth Sunday: The rewilding of Oatmeal, our story of hope

Oatmeal is so loved by all her fans that in 2020 she was crowned as the champion of the Sloth Ironman Games, where she proved she was capable of anything!

Slothy Sunday: Millie the sloth celebrates 14th birthday

Fourteen years and many sleepless nights later, Millie has transformed the Toucan Rescue Ranch into a multi-species rescue center and sanctuary

Slothy Sunday: Visit Costa Rica’s sloths on Earth Day!

What better way to celebrate this amazing day than visiting Toucan Rescue Ranch’s sanctuary, to support conservation efforts in Costa Rica?

‘Cuteness overload’: Lonely Planet shares Costa Rican sloth

We didn't post a Slothy Sunday yesterday, so this post from Lonely Planet will just have to suffice.

Slothy Sunday: Restrictions are lifted, now what? See sloths, what else!

the Toucan Rescue Ranch is not only a rescue center for all wildlife but a sanctuary open to the public!

Slothy Sunday: End your February with a sloth

Happy Slothy Sunday from Costa Rica! We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and the end of February 2021.

Mom and baby sloth in Costa Rica electrocuted, saved by firefighters

What can you do today to make the world a better place for sloths and wildlife alike?

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