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Manatees in Costa Rica? Apparent Sighting near Tortuguero

Local conservationists are celebrating yet another apparent confirmed sighting of manatees in Costa Rica’s Caribbean canal of Tortuguero, not far from the village of...

What are the 5 most Visited National Parks in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica's national parks are one of the country's most impressive legacies. More than one-quarter of this small country's land is protected. Their trees, flowers,...

5 of the Best National Parks in Costa Rica

With so many people visiting Costa Rica it's diverse national parks system is the main reason many people travel here. Whether you’re looking for...

Visiting Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park

In the northeastern region of Costa Rica on its Caribbean coast is the small village of Tortuguero, meaning region of turtles. Here lies Tortuguero...

Outbreaks halt economic reactivation in parts of Costa Rica

Even as the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) begins to promote domestic vacations, the orange alerts have effectively shut down that sector in several tourism-heavy towns. 

We want them alive: Costa Rica’s reckoning

The waves of violence sometimes seem to lap against an indifferent shore.

On two coasts, communities mourn tourists’ deaths in Costa Rica

In Santa Teresa, on the west side of the Nicoya Peninsula, residents asked for increased police presence.

Battle over Tortuguero Road heats up again

A number of business owners are raising their voices against the project.

Highway 32 to Caribbean may face night closures because of rain

Highway officials say they will be monitoring Highway 32, the main road to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, including access to the river route to Tortuguero, and closing it at night in case of heavy rain.

Boat route to Tortuguero National Park reopens after three-day suspension

Public boat service between La Pavona and Tortuguero, the main access route to Tortuguero National Park, was restarted Monday after it was closed because of low river levels, the Public Works and Transport Ministry said.

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