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Why Waze is so incredibly popular in Costa Rica

"It's a nightmare." That's how Eduardo Carvajal describes the Costa Rican way to give an address.

Waze partners with San José to improve city traffic

On Wednesday evening, the real-time traffic and maps mobile app Waze announced in New York it would partner with eight cities around the world, including San José, as part of its Connected Citizens Program.

Apple releases Apple Watch, new supersized iPhones with payment system

For $349, it will be able to unlock doors at Starwood hotels next year.

Costa Rica could use a great weather app, but IMN’s new release falls short

To help us prepare for the day, Costa Rica’s National Metereological Institute (IMN) recently released its own app - a valiant effort to interpret the local troposphere for everyday people, but too full of flaws and bugs to be a worthy option.

New smartphone app lets farmers crowdsource coffee fungus alerts

A new smart phone app could help warn coffee farmers in Costa Rica about an impending outbreak of the fungus roya, or other pests. Developed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Satcafe crowdsources information from farmers across Central America to help avoid another region-wide coffee plague.

San Carlos hackathon aims to boost women’s roles in technology development

An upcoming hackathon for women in San Carlos, in north-central Costa Rica, is seeking bright minds to help develop new technology applications to address social problems, and at the same time foster better training and more tech jobs for women.

Costa Rica, Latin America falling behind the rest of the world in the booming ‘information economy’

The World Economic Forum released a report last week on Internet "readiness." The comprehensive report looks at how prepared an economy is to benefit from information and communications technology (ICT).

Meet CambYoCar: the first car to be designed and built in Costa Rica

With a hybrid and electric model, CambYoCar could help ease Costa Rica's emissions problems. “Our goal here is to change the world,” says inventor Jesse Blenn.

Hack4Good pits programmers against real-world problems

Organizers of the Costa Rica chapter of the upcoming global event expect 50 “hackers” to build altruistic software in 48 hours.

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