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Supreme Court

Costa Rica IVF decree loses support of public health care system

Costa Rica's public health care system and government attorney's office say President Solis' recent presidential decree legalizing in vitro fertilization, IVF, is illegal.

Costa Rican government at odds over landing of US military helicopters

A brief stopover by five U.S. military helicopters in Costa Rica over the weekend drew the ire of lawmakers who claimed the landing violated Costa Rica's sovereignty. The executive and legislative branches of government have been disputing the legality of U.S. military vessels in Costa Rica since both countries signed a joint-patrol agreement in 1999.

Costa Rica Supreme Court strikes down labor reform law, upholding ban on strikes that shut down essential public services

Business leaders celebrated a court decision Friday that they say guarantees Costa Rica's public hospitals, ports and electricity grid will continue to function even if public sector workers are involved in a labor dispute.

Refusing to hire obese man is not discrimination, Costa Rican court finds

The Supreme Court’s Constitutional Chamber, or Sala IV, ruled that the Costa Rican Social Security System did not unfairly discriminate against an obese man who applied and was not hired for a job.

Costa Rica’s Supreme Court orders release of Nicaraguan unjustly imprisoned for 17 months

Justices ordered Costa Rica's Prison System and the Judicial Investigation Police to open an investigation on the case.

Costa Rica Supreme Court cries foul on environment minister’s participation in Jairo Mora protest

Supreme Court President Zarela Villanueva criticized President Luis Guillermo Solís for not keeping his ministers in order following the acquittal of the suspects in the Jairo Mora murder trial on Jan. 26.

Legislative hearing on Supreme Court justice facing rape charges delayed until next week

A Legislative Assembly hearing to discuss the possible removal of Supreme Court Justice Óscar González Camacho of the court's Civil Chamber, or Sala I, was postponed until Monday. González faces six criminal charges of rape and one charge of attempted rape.

Guatemalan Supreme Court justice commits suicide

GUATEMALA CITY – Guatemalan Supreme Court Justice César Barrientos, known for revoking dozens of death penalty sentences in a single year, committed suicide Sunday, reportedly shooting himself in the head.

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