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Supreme Court

Killers of 5Dimes Sports Book Convicted in Costa Rica Court

A Costa Rica court has convicted nine persons in the murder/kidnapping of 5Dimes founder Sean “Tony” Creighton. Creighton was kidnapped in September of 2018 when...

Supreme Court condemns Costa Rican government for not lifting road blocks

The roadblocks in Costa Rica broke out Wednesday, September 30, in rejection of a government proposal to negotiate an agreement with the IMF.

Their future in the United States at stake, ‘Dreamers’ trek to Supreme Court

Only 12 years old when she arrived from Costa Rica, Fung Feng, now 30, has made her life in America. 

Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court gives tax reform bill the go-ahead

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court declared on Friday that the tax reform bill is constitutional. The bill will now go back to congress, where enough legislators have announced their support for the bill for it to pass.

Costa Rica’s high court: Same-sex marriage should be legal (someday)

Critics said the decision unnecessarily delays respect for marriage rights.

Former Costa Rican presidents and political figures come out in support of same-sex marriage

Four former presidents, former Supreme Court justices, and other political figures signed a declaration against discrimination and in favor of same-sex marriage in Costa Rica this Friday.

Supreme Court president steps down amid corruption scandal

The president of Costa Rica's Supreme Court (CSJ), Carlos Chinchilla, left his position this Monday after being reprimanded for his role in an influence-peddling...

Video: Where Costa Rica corporation tax law currently stands

In this video, attorney Roger Petersen discusses confusion surrounding the Costa Rican corporation tax in light of a court ruling and a pending new law.

Supreme Court bans use of national symbols in liquor ads

On Monday, Costa Rica celebrates the Annexation of Guanacaste, one of the preferred holidays for businesses to air ads with patriotic symbols and traditional music.

Organized crime prosecutor named new director of Costa Rica’s investigative police

Walter Espinoza, a 47-year-old prosecutor, steps into the position as OIJ chief at a time when Costa Rica struggles with killings tied to organized crime.

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