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stone spheres

National Museum restoring Costa Rica’s largest pre-Columbian sphere

The sphere weighs 24 tons and with a diameter of 2.66 meters. 

U.S. Embassy funds research to preserve Costa Rica’s famous stone spheres

The National Museum of Costa Rica will use the information generated by the study to outline a plan for redirecting river flows and for protecting the archaeological sites at Finca 6.

Costa Rica Agency Orders Suspension of Pineapple Farming Project

The Environmental Technical Secretariat asked for the demarcation of all wetland areas inside the property before any type of work on the pineapple project continues.

Environmentalists demand halt to pineapple expansion

An Environment Ministry report recommends to halt all work on the farmlands until measures are taken to protect wetlands and other protected areas.

Finca 6: Mystery of ancient Costa Rica stone spheres solved?

The truth is out there: At Finca 6, the mystery of pre-Columbian Costa Rica stone spheres doesn't seem so mysterious after all.

Diquís spheres to be declared UNESCO World Heritage site

Finca 6 in Palmar Norte is one of the four archeological sites in the Osa municipality in Costa Rica's south Pacific that will be...

Costa Rica’s stone spheres close to making World Heritage list

The International Council of Monuments and Sites issued a report recommending the inclusion of Costa Rica’s pre-Columbian spheres of Diquís on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List, President Laura Chinchilla said on Tuesday.

Sphere Festival, surfing nostalgia, and other happenings around Costa Rica

Sculpted from solid stone and flawlessly curved, the pre-Columbian spheres of Costa Rica are manmade wonders.

Chinchilla asks UNESCO to recognize Costa Rica’s stone spheres

For a decade, Costa Rica has tried to place the stone spheres of Diquís on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Costa Rica’s indigenous stone spheres considered for prestigious list

Costa Rica has presented a bid for its pre-Columbian stone spheres to be inducted into the exclusive World Heritage list by the United Nations...

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