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6 Beautiful Beach Towns in Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula

On July 25, 1824, the territory of Nicoya was incorporated as a part of Costa Rica. This day of historic significance is now celebrated...

Surfing in Costa Rica: Secrets from a Local Surfer

Costa Rica’s known for great surfing spots like Jacó, Hermosa, Tamarindo, Grande and Salsa Brava,

Popular Nicoya Peninsula beaches heavily contaminated, study finds

A study from the Costa Rican Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) and Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper, a nongovernmental organization, found heavily contaminated water at some...

First Tico Times donors fund stories on environment, security

We enlisted our first 124 subscribers in December. Join us!

Santa Teresa Deep Dive: A murder shatters the illusion of safety

Santa Teresa was taken over by crowds, dressed in white and carrying flowers to the beach. They laid them on the sand as a gesture to mourn a woman most of them never knew, but whom they had all heard about: María Trinidad Matus.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica: Cultures divide over herbicide

In this Santa Teresa Deep Dive we look at a clash between local farmers and expats. Expats want to ban the use of glyphosate while farmers say they have no other option to stay in business.

Santa Teresa Deep Dive: Keeping an eye on wastewater

Locals allege businesses in Santa Teresa and in surrounding towns take advantage of lax oversight and follow environmentally harmful processes.

Santa Teresa Deep Dive: The Bakery

If I were airdropped in front of the Bakery, I wouldn’t feel like I were] in Costa Rica. My first impression of the place was a familiar, welcoming feeling of being in a cozy Portland café.

Surfing Costa Rica At Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa de Cobano is one of my favorite spots on earth. It’s a great mix between jungle and ocean with green to blue waters. There are great waves and surfing conditions. It’s all surrounded by nature too. Don’t get scared if you wake up to the howler monkeys.

Santa Teresa Deep Dive: How to Surf in Santa Teresa

Ever wanted to learn to surf in Santa Teresa but aren't sure how? Don't worry, The Tico Times is here to help

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