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San Lucas Island

Restoration Of Infamous Costa Rica Island Prison Continues

The island prison of San Lucas was so notorious that even the most hardened criminals would weep when they learned that was where they...

Hidden Passageway Found at Costa Rica’s San Lucas National Park

There has been an exciting new discovery made at the former prison and now a National Park. INCOP found during renovations, at a cell...

Costa Rica’s San Lucas Island: A Former Prison that is a National Park

Few things on earth manage to surprise the masses nowadays, but a Costa Rican prison once described as “hell on earth” making the transition...

San Lucas Island, Golden Gate become sister parks

The two conservation areas are united by virtue of having contained legendary prisons

Costa Rica converts island prison into tourist attraction

Something of Costa Rica's own version of Alcatraz, the island was once home to one of the most notorious prisons in the country's history.

At San Lucas Island, Costa Rica creates its 30th national park

Costa Rica on Monday celebrated the 50th anniversary of its national parks system by creating another national park.

San Lucas: Here’s one prison in Costa Rica you might actually want to visit

Teatro Espressivo is offering tours of San Lucas Island, plus a ticket to its play about life on the prison island, for $100.

5 Creepy Places in Costa Rica you can visit

Though lacking in eerie Victorian homes and sinister-looking castles, the tropical jungles of Costa Rica have seen their fair share of hauntings. Local legends...

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