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UN approves investigation regarding Russia-attributed atrocities in Ukraine

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council approved Thursday in Geneva, by a large majority, to initiate an investigation on the possible war crimes...

Hundreds of Latin Americans evacuated from Ukraine

Several hundreds of citizens of Latin American countries were evacuated from Ukraine since the beginning of the armed conflict with Russia, others are waiting...

Ukraine warns of radiation after Chernobyl seized by Russians

Ukrainian authorities warned Friday that radiation levels had increased in the Chernobyl exclusion zone since it was seized by invading Russian troops, however the...

Reactions in Latin America to the crisis in Ukraine

Latin American countries called for a peaceful solution and reacted with some nuances to the conflict in Ukraine. Mexico and Brazil are the two...

Mexico authorizes use of Russian Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19

Mexico, with 126 million inhabitants, summed 1,874,092 infections and 159,533 deaths from Covid-19 as of Tuesday.

Argentina launches Covid-19 vaccines with controversial Sputnik V

Argentina, which gave emergency approval to the Sputnik V vaccine on December 23, is now the fourth country in Latin American to launch a vaccination campaign, after Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile.

US eyes sanctions over growing Russian support for Venezuela

The United States will take action in response to growing Russian support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, a senior US official warned Monday.

A little corner of Russia in Costa Rica: Café Anka

A Georgian family's dream come true in San José.

Costa Rica fans descend on Saint Petersburg

Viva siempre el trabajo y la paz.

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