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Costa Rica World Championship fishing tournament gets underway in Quepos

The 2017 Lucas Oil Offshore World Championship billfish tournament got underway Monday with 50 teams from 29 countries competing for the honor of top angling team in the world.

Costa Rican Coast Guard rescues U.S. tourists adrift at sea near Quepos

A boat with three U.S. tourists on it was adrift in the waters near Quepos for hours before being rescued by Costa Rican authorities Tuesday.

Recommended hotels and restaurants in Quepos and Manuel Antonio

Today in Travel we conclude Part II of "Costa Rica's Greatest Places" with five hotels and five restaurants we would recommend in Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

5 good hotels, 5 good restaurants in Manuel Antonio and Quepos

Reviewing hotels and restaurants in Manuel Antonio and Quepos, we felt like mosquitoes at a nudist colony: We were very happy to be here, but we hardly knew where to begin.

Costa Rica History: The Story of Quepos/Manuel Antonio

In our continuing series on "Costa Rica's Greatest Places," we look at the history of Quepos/Manuel as a conquistador's prize, a banana town and a tourism treasure.

Manuel Antonio: Mangroves, monkeys and jumping off waterfalls

In our continuing series on "Costa Rica's Greatest Places," we explore two great adventures launched from Quepos/Manuel Antonio: mangrove kayaking and a waterfall tour.

Two adventures in Costa Rica, with waterfalls, monkeys and mangroves

Dozens of great adventures await visitors to Manuel Antonio and Quepos. Here are two we can vouch for: mangrove kayaking and a waterfall tour.

Marina Pez Vela sailed a rough sea to calmer waters

The Marina Pez Vela got off to a rocky start, both in its finances and in its public perception, but it found its way to a gentle landing.

Yacht or not? How Marina Pez Vela won over Quepos, and transformed it

Some in Quepos had their doubts about the Marina Pez Vela, but it's become an economic powerhouse, welcome neighbor and sparkling centerpiece.

In search of new horizons and old turtle traps in Manuel Antonio

How do you build a turtle trap out of rocks? Here's the surprising answer, with ocelots, cliff-climbing and a thunderstorm in Manuel Antonio.

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