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Poverty rate rises in Costa Rica to highest level in decades

The last time that Costa Rica registered such a high level of poverty was in 1992, when it reached 29.4%.

Latin America could reach 215 million impoverished people, ECLAC warns

These figures represent perhaps the worst economic crisis that Latin America has experienced in its history.

Five keys to Argentina’s economic crisis

South America's third biggest economy is in virtual default, according to Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez, who claims it is suffering a similar crisis to the worst of its history in 2001.

Poverty rate remains stable at 21% in Costa Rica, government says

Poverty in Costa Rica remained stable at 21% in the last year, while extreme poverty had a slight reduction of half a percentage point to 5.8%, the official statistical agency said Thursday.

Extreme poverty rises again in Latin America

Extreme poverty in Latin America hit its highest level for nine years in 2017, according to a report by the UN's Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) published on Tuesday.

New study explores inequality, church influence in Central America’s slums

The young people said they draw their primary support from family, friends and their churches.

Cambiando paradigmas en La Carpio por medio del voluntariado

At the request of La Carpio community leaders, we are presenting this series in translation for Spanish-language readers. Read the original English series, which we...

IMF says job done in Nicaragua, closes office

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – The International Monetary Fund said Wednesday it will close its office in Nicaragua in August because its job was done helping the country reduce debt and poverty, and to get on the path to sustainable growth.

Costa Rica’s agricultural sector opposes joining the Pacific Alliance

Costa Rica’s decision to join the Pacific Alliance, a trade bloc formed by Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia, this week prompted discussions that show private-sector groups are still divided on its potential benefits.

Costa Rican students get the surprise of a lifetime: a trip to NASA

Six high-schoolers and their students thought the grand prize of the contest they had won was attending a prestigious San José conference, but NASA deputy project director, Costa Rican Sandra Cauffman, had a surprise up her sleeve.

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