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Paris attacks

World prepares to welcome New Year despite terror fears

Madrid will limit the number of people at Puerta del Sol square, Brussels scrapped celebrations following threats and Moscow police will for the first time close off Red Square. Other cities are going ahead with normal New Year's Eve festivities.

Obama tries to ease anxiety over terror attacks with Oval Office address

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Sunday that recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, show that the threat of terrorism to the United States has entered a new phase, but he vowed that the nation will ultimately defeat the Islamic State and other militant groups.

U2’s Bono writes Paris attacks song ahead of French gigs

PARIS – U2 frontman Bono has written a song about the Paris attacks ahead of a defiant return to the French capital on Sunday for gigs that may feature the Eagles of Death Metal whose show was targeted by the jihadists.

France puts 24 climate activists under house arrest ahead of UN talks

PARIS – French authorities have placed 24 activists under house arrest ahead of major U.N. climate warming talks starting near Paris next week, using the state of emergency powers declared after the Paris attacks.

US issues global travel alert due to ‘increased terrorist threats’

The State Department often issues individual country travel alerts, but this notice was a rare "worldwide travel alert" that comes in the wake of a series of attacks.

Costa Rica honors French terror victims in Parque Francia

Flowers and candles still surround the monument in San José's Parque Francia to honor the victims of last Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris. According to the...

France launches new airstrikes on Syria and more anti-terrorism raids in France

PARIS -- France and Russia launched a punishing wave of attacks against Islamic State targets in Syria on Tuesday, as French leaders invoked an emergency pact to demand European allies join an intensifying military response to last week's terrorist carnage in Paris.

With COP21 talks in Paris moving forward after attacks, Latin America climate-change policies remain unclear

Despite the horrendous terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, French officials have vowed to move forward with a major climate conference set to begin on Nov. 30.

The Islamic State’s trap for Europe

Last week, U.S. President Barack Obama said that the Islamic State is "contained" in Iraq and Syria, but the group's attacks in Paris soon afterward showed that it poses a greater threat to the West than ever.

World sings, lights up in solidarity with wounded France

PARIS – Stirring renditions of "La Marseillaise" rang out Saturday from Dublin to New York as global landmarks were bathed in the French colors and thousands marched in solidarity with Paris after attacks that left at least 129 dead.

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