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Panama Canal

Panama Canal breaks cargo record despite pandemic, US-China trade war

The Panama Canal broke its cargo transit record in fiscal year 2020, despite the pandemic and a trade war between the US and China.

Newly expanded Panama Canal opens for bigger business

Panama is preparing to officially open its canal this weekend to far bigger cargo ships after nearly a decade of expansion work aimed at boosting transit revenues and global trade.

Renewal in Panama might be coming at a high cost

Bribery, graft and dirty politics are all too common in Latin America, but a noxious combination of the three has dogged the Central American dynamo in what ought to be its finest hour. And unless Panama can shake the curse, its glory may prove fleeting.

Panama canal expansion to be complete ‘around May’: president

President Juan Carlos Varela said Saturday that Panama's expansion of its century-old canal is now to be complete "around the month of May."

A year after work starts, little sign of Nicaragua canal

One year after a Chinese consortium began work on a canal across Nicaragua, there is little sign of progress.

Builders vow to repair leak in Panama Canal

MADRID, Spain – Builders of a massive, trouble-plagued expansion of the Panama Canal said Thursday they will make repairs after authorities there said it had sprung a leak.

Two North Koreans jailed in Panama over Cuba arms cache

Cuba had argued that the weapons were "obsolete" arms which the communist island had sent to Pyongyang, North Korea, for repair. But the find raised concerns about Cuba's military cooperation with North Korea.

Wider Panama Canal set for water trial

PANAMA CITY – Water will start rushing into the newly expanded Panama Canal on Thursday in one area that was widened, ahead of the waterway's April 2016 re-inauguration.

Expanded Panama Canal to open April 1, 2016

The main contractor consortium placed the last of the project’s 16 lock gates on Tuesday. With the expansion, so-called Post-Panamax ships measuring over 400 meters long and 50 wide, the size of four football fields, will be able to go through the canal.

APM Terminals to break ground on new $1 billion deep-water port

The new terminal is set to quadruple the port of Moín’s current capacity. It will be the largest of its kind in Central America, designed to receive so-called Post Panamax ships — cargo vessels that are too big to fit through the existing Panama Canal.

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