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Panama Canal

Panama Canal claims $737 million in cost overruns

In the latest setback for the behind-schedule, over-budget upgrade, a union representative said excavation work was on hold after negotiations broke down between the consortium and workers who have been on strike since Tuesday.

Panama’s US envoy offers upbeat economic outlook for 2015

Aiming to have completely bilingual education by 2030, the Varela government has launched a pilot program to send 1,000 teachers to the United States for specialized English-language training. Eventually, 30,000 teachers will participate in the program over the next 15 years.

Wondrous or hideous? Frank Gehry-designed natural history museum opens to fanfare in Panama

A natural history museum designed by famed architect Frank Gehry opened in Panama City this week. The Biomuseo -- a project first conceived nearly 15 years ago and hampered by all kinds of issues -- welcomed in the public for the first time Thursday.

Panama Canal widening should be finished in early 2016 after $400 million boost

PANAMA CITY – A widened Panama Canal will be open for business in 2016 after a $400 million cash injection to help complete the long-delayed project was received, the waterway's chief administrator said Monday.

Panama Canal expansion dredges up historical treasures

Experts hired by the Panama Canal Authority have identified remains of camels, crocodiles, the teeth of a giant shark, as well as bones of other animals millions of years old.

The Panama Canal in facts and figures

Some 14,000 ships and 280 million tons of merchandise cross the canal annually and five percent of world maritime traffic uses the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal celebrates 100 years – while racing to keep up with the competition

Panama celebrated the 100th anniversary of its famous canal Friday with a ceremony and gala, even as it scrambled to make up lost time by enlarging it to maintain its competitiveness in the 21st century.

Strike ends at Panama Canal expansion project

A two-week strike by workers expanding the Panama Canal has ended after they won wage increases, a union leader said Wednesday.

Strike halts work on Panama Canal expansion

Work to expand the Panama Canal -- interrupted earlier this year for a dispute over cost overruns -- halted Wednesday, this time for a strike by workers demanding higher wages.

Panama’s diplomatic row with Venezuela indicative of growing presence on world stage

After Panama requested an urgent meeting last month at the Organization of American States to discuss the deteriorating situation in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro ruptured diplomatic ties with the Central American nation, accusing “the lackey government of a right-wing president” of plotting with Washington to intervene in Venezuela.

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