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‘It happened to me’: Scammed in Costa Rica

In a Letter to the Editor, one person attempts to break down the tactics that were used in a telephone scam against her.

Reaching for the stars: Costa Ricans’ role in space exploration

Bruce Callow visited NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the workplace of four Ticos, and is helping Costa Rica's youth shoot for the stars.

Three Billboards Outside San José, Costa Rica: Can fish bring a country together?

More than 25 percent of all tuna fished by foreign purse seine boats in Costa Rican territorial waters goes unreported or is taken by vessels not licensed to fish in Costa Rica — resulting in zero benefit to the country.

Lifeguards call for help in Costa Rica: support their work in Osa

Due to a contract snafu with the Municipality of Osa, public funding for lifeguard salaries were suspended last April.

We want them alive: Costa Rica’s reckoning

The waves of violence sometimes seem to lap against an indifferent shore.

Costa Rica’s hidden enemy: the terciopelo

This boy was lucky, but for many in Costa Rica, the current protocol is planned failure.

The dark side of Nicaragua

We fell into the trap of believing that Nicaragua was doing well.

In Nicaragua 2018, living is resisting

Nicaraguans are ready to win a free and peaceful country.

Children in cages: this feels like defeat

All we can expect from the United States is a confirmation of receipt.

The testimony I never gave

It always starts with two messy pigtails.

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