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Nicolás Maduro

Showdown looms for Venezuela, as protest leader Leopoldo López vows new march

MEXICO CITY – After five days of bloody student-led street protests, Venezuela appeared headed for a dangerous new showdown, as opposition leader Leopoldo López said he will emerge from hiding Tuesday to lead a new anti-government march.

Venezuela split by pro- and anti-Maduro protests

CARACAS, Venezuela – Supporters and opponents of Venezuela's leftist government staged dueling rallies Saturday in Caracas and other cities in the latest public displays of discontent at soaring inflation and basic goods shortages.

Twitter says Venezuela blocks its images amid protest crackdown

MEXICO CITY – Twitter says the Venezuelan government is blocking images on its website, the latest sign of a crackdown after violent protests that killed at least three people in the past week.

Ex-Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias blasts Venezuelan government

Most of Costa Rica's highest ranking officials have come down hard on Venezuela's deadly response to anti-government protests on Friday. But ex-President Oscar Arias began raising his voice last night. On Thursday, the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize winner gave one of the most thorough condemnations of the Nicolás Maduro's government.

Costa Rica deplores violence in Venezuela, calls for investigation

The government and presidential aspirants of Costa Rica called for investigations Friday into the violence during protests in Venezuela that claimed the lives of three and injured dozens more on Wednesday.

Venezuela leader calls new rally amid rival protests

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called on supporters to march "for peace and against fascism" this weekend following fierce student-led opposition protests that erupted into deadly violence.

Three die in growing Venezuela protests

CARACAS, Venezuela – Protests against the Venezuelan government left at least three people dead and dozens injured, prompting President Nicolás Maduro to declare he would not fall as he ordered a clamp-down in cities across the country.

Venezuela struggles with getting basic goods under Chávez’s successor

CARACAS, Venezuela – On aisle seven, among the diapers and fabric softener, the socialist dreams of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez looked as ragged as the toilet paper display.

Venezuela turns to army general to control soaring inflation

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is turning to an army brigadier general to run the economy, two months after using troops to help control prices and slow the world's fastest inflation.

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