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New Year

Was 2022 a Bad Year? Try a little Costa Rican Magic for a Lucky 2023

An old Tico belief holds that whatever you’re doing when the clock strikes 12 on Dec. 31 will characterize your year to come.

Allegedly Drunk Costa Rica Police Officers Investigated

Half dressed Costa Rica police officers are being investigated for drunk driving accidents that occured in their patrol car. Authorities have announced they are opening...

Costa Rica Off to a Deadly Start In 2022

Car accidents, water borne accidents and gunfire claimed the lives of 15 people in the first two days of the New Year throughout Costa...

Driving to San Jose After The Holidays: Know Before You Go

Today is the day to pack your patience if you are driving back to San Jose from your beach vacation. Tomorrow students and most government...

A Healthy Costa Rica New Year: Blended Green Juice

Here’s a healthy idea for the New Year: make green juices for boosting your health and vitality. Everyone can take advantage of these healthy...

Ojalá: A Costa Rican Sense of Luck for the New Year

As the clock strikes midnight and the fireworks light up the night sky, thousands of Costa Rican families will have prepared for the rituals...

A closer look at a Costa Rica New Year’s Tradition

Costa Ricans are fond of Santa Lucía flowers and have an interesting tradition of bestowing bouquets of these flowers to friends during the New Year to ensure prosperity.

Celebrating New Year’s in Costa Rica

Costa Rican's love a holiday like everyone else, so New Year's is certainly no different. The season of celebrating continues throughout the holidays rolling...

Costa Rica will have traditional Zapote bullfights this year

After they were canceled last year due to the pandemic, one of Costa Rica's most-popular year-end events will occur this December. Costa Rican-style bullfights...

President Alvarado’s message for the new year: ‘Costa Rica can prevail’

President Carlos Alvarado delivered a message of hope as Costa Rica and the world welcomed 2021.

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