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Art auction raises funds to build teen cancer hospital

Lang came up with the idea for a new cancer fundraiser during a conversation with her grandmother, the painter Ana Wien, and began to put together an auction of 40 different art pieces painted by renowned Costa Rican artists. No canvas here: the works were painted on fiberglass heads.

Dual exhibits at National Gallery highlight student creativity

The building that contains The Children’s Museum is the perfect place to display some adolescent artwork, and the range of their subjects and styles is a pleasure to behold, whether you know the students or not.

‘Toys’ exhibit at National Gallery oozes nostalgia

What’s interesting about the “Juguetes, Recuerdos, y Amigos” is that current children probably won’t find it nearly as interesting as grownups.

‘Mother Africa’ acrobatics, British picnics and other happenings around Costa Rica

A round-up of the best events going on during the week of April 25-May 1.

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