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The North America Bitcoin Conference in Miami

Between the 6th and 9th of April 2022, Bitcoin Miami hits the Miami Convention Center on Miami Beach. Some of the biggest names in...

Frontier Airlines adding new flight to Costa Rica

Weeks after making its return to Costa Rica, low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines announced it will add a new route from Florida to Guanacaste (LIR).

New flights strengthen connection between Costa Rica and Florida

Travelers now have more options that ever to fly between Costa Rica and Florida.

Frontier Airlines announces return to Costa Rica

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines will make its return to Costa Rica with nonstop flights from Florida starting in July. 

Nearly 150 U.S. citizens leave Nicaragua due to increase in COVID-19

Dozens of U.S. citizens filled the Augusto Sandino airport in Managua to leave the country, a day after health authorities reported a sharp increase in infections.

A new chapter begins at 2019 Miami Open Tennis Tournament

The Miami Open tournament is one of the most popular tennis tournaments across the globe. Its fans are widespread, coming from all the corners of the world.

End of an era as revolutionary Fidel Castro dies

Fidel Castro's death has unleashed a wide variety of drastically different reactions.

Cuban migrant airlift set to continue but could take months

The next plane will leave on Feb. 4 but Cuban migrants could be waiting in shelters for several more months.

What $50 million gets you in Miami’s resurgent condo market

With condominium prices in the Miami real estate market climbing to $50 million or more, broker Peggy Fucci has taken up ever more aggressive marketing efforts to find qualified buyers.

From Miami’s ‘Scarface’ pad, Panama’s exiled President Ricardo Martinelli fights back

MIAMI — Just outside downtown Miami, in a luxury condo building made famous by the 1980s hits "Scarface" and "Miami Vice," a billionaire ex-president is holed up in exile.

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