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Jurassic Park

Synthetic biology makes ecologists dream … and tremble

The film Jurassic Park (1993) made human beings dream of the possibility of resurrecting species.

Costa Rica seeks to attract film and television productions with incentives

The country intends to compete with others such as Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

Native animals return to Costa Rica as coronavirus forces humans indoors

Something extraordinary is happening in Costa Rica.

How accurately does “Jurassic Park” describe Costa Rica?

We spared no expense and reviewed Jurassic Park for its Costa Rican accuracy.

Pic of the Day: Costa Rica’s Isla Nublar (aka Cocos Island)

Isla Nublar, the setting for much of the "Jurassic Park" series, is unfortunately not a real Costa Rican island. 

Jurassic Park star was fluffy with wings: study

The mean, green, man-eating lizards depicted in Jurassic Park probably looked more like large, toothy turkeys, a study found.

‘Jurassic World’ bites into box office with record-breaking opening weeks

Around the world "Jurassic World," which is set in Costa Rica but was actually shot in Hawaii, has snapped up $981 million in its opening two weeks, making it the most globally profitable film of all times.

Costa Rica’s love-hate relationship with ‘Jurassic Park’

Moviemakers didn't bother to consult an atlas before filming scenes that ostensibly took place in Costa Rica. Will the latest installment do better?

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