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Pfizer first dose 85% effective after 2-4 weeks: study

The first dose of the Pfizer vaccination is 85 percent effective against coronavirus infection between two and four weeks after inoculation

Following Trump, Guatemala begins process to move embassy to Jerusalem

Guatemala's leader made the embassy announcement on Christmas Eve, three days after two-thirds of UN member states – Costa Rica among them – denounced Trump's decision to have the United States recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Central American envoys in Israel Don’t forget about us

The lavish reception at the Tel Aviv Sheraton attracted about 200 diplomats, private executives, government officials, journalists and others.

Costa Rican Foreign Minister leaves Israel, just as Trump arrives

The visit included discussion of the trade relationship between the two countries.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu cites Costa Rica as an example of a peaceful nation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned Costa Rica in a response to a reporter's question during a joint press conference that Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump held at the White House.

Teen stabbed at Gay Pride march dies as pressure mounts on Israel

Shira Banki, 16, was among six people stabbed at the Jerusalem march on Thursday by a suspect identified as an ultra-Orthodox Jew released from prison only weeks earlier for a similar attack.

Chabad of San Juan Del Sur: A Jewish presence in a Nicaraguan beach resort

SAN JUAN DEL SUR, Nicaragua – It was quite easy to spot the rebbetzin, or the rabbi’s wife, within my first few minutes of a hot February afternoon in the Nicaraguan beach town of San Juan del Sur. Looking as if she belonged more in Brooklyn, with her modest, long dress and pushing a baby in a carriage, she bought a fruit juice in a definitively New York-accented Spanish.

Rodrigo Carreras, Costa Rica’s envoy to Israel, gets ready for his next challenge: Cuba

The Foreign Ministry’s Dec. 17 announcement came the same day U.S. President Barack Obama stunned the world with his declaration that Washington and Havana would restore diplomatic ties after more than half a century of hostilities.

Costa Rican Jews brave hazards, homesickness and Hamas to pursue new lives in Israel

TEL AVIV, Israel – From the frenetic, traffic-choked streets of Tel Aviv to the lonely northern mountain town of Qiryat Shemona – only a few miles from the Lebanese and Syrian borders – some 300 Costa Ricans have built a home away from home in Israel, lured here by family ties, high-tech jobs and a lifelong dream of living in the Jewish state.

With Mideast tensions flaring, Costa Rica keeps a delicate diplomatic balance in Israel

TEL AVIV, Israel – Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948, the same year Israel declared independence. Sixty-six years later, Costa Rica remains one of the few countries without a standing military, while Israel – whose invasion of Gaza this summer following repeated Hamas rocket attacks drew angry reactions from across Latin America – ranks as one of the world’s most militarized societies.

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