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Costa Rican Indigenous Organizations Denounce Evictions

Costa Rican indigenous organizations denounced that the justice system ordered the eviction of land from a property located within indigenous territory in Puente de...

Guatemala Indigenous Community Appear before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

The Sa'Komonil Association accompanied the community authorities representing the 64 families that make up the Agua Caliente Indigenous Community, Lot 9, in the municipality...

Panama Denounces Sterilization of Indigenous People without their Consent

A dozen Panamanian indigenous women denounced having been sterilized without their consent in a public hospital, prompting the start of official investigations, a deputy...

Costa Rica’s Traditional “Juego de los Diablitos” Upcoming Celebration

“El Juego de los Diablitos,” one of Costa Rica’s oldest indigenous traditional celebrations is happening this upcoming Thursday, January 27th at midnight, in the...

Weekly commute by canoe for Panama teacher to reach off-grid village kids

Once a week, teacher Graciela Bouche takes a canoe from her small town in the Panama rainforest to an indigenous village.

Another indigenous man killed in Costa Rica’s southern zone

This new crime against the life of an indigenous leader comes less than a year after the murder of Sergio Rojas, a Bribrí leader from the territory of Salitre, in a crime which remains unsolved.

Some progress, and a complicated legacy, 10 months after Sergio Rojas’s murder

After the murder of Sergio Rojas, the struggle to regain indigenous land has continued.

Guatemalan indigenous people march in support of Evo Morales

Protesters marched down one of Guatemala City's main streets to the US embassy, which was guarded by a large police presence.

IACHR mission visits Costa Rica to evaluate protections for indigenous communities

During the visit, the mission of the IACHR also intends to learn about the situation of Nicaraguan migrants in Costa Rica.

5 questions for Costa Rica’s indigenous Jirondai Project

A look into a mission to preserve indigenous cultures in Costa Rica.

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