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5 questions for a Costa Rican rapper – and an exclusive recording

The passion to empower others is what has driven the Costa Rican rapper Nakury to share her work with the world. Nakury, who was born...

The Black side of the story: Afro-Costa Rican MC Huba Watson

Huba Watson talks to The Tico Times about his upbringing in San José, and how his strong Limón roots, his experiences of racism growing up, and a certain encounter with the Sugarhill Gang shaped his musical career.

Phife Dawg brought humor and humanity to A Tribe Called Quest

Over and over, Phife Dawg went for big laughs by spilling his guts at the top of his lungs. There was so much generosity in that. Hearing about his bad days made ours better. "To top it off, Starks got ejected."

A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg dies at 45

Phife Dawg, the high-pitched but street-smart rapper whose pioneering group A Tribe Called Quest brought a fresh artistic aesthetic to hip-hop, has died, a colleague said Wednesday. He was 45.

VIDEO: AZ’s ‘Back To Myself,’ filmed in Costa Rica, makes the rounds ahead of ‘Doe or Die, Vol. 2’

The video opens with a drone shot over Costa Rica's pristine Manuel Antonio beach on the Pacific coast and quickly cuts to a stack of Costa Rican colones as AZ's trademark cigar burns next to a Jacuzzi.

Reggae royalty with a new rhythm: Ky-mani Marley

Our reviewer finds that reggae royalty Ky-mani Marley's Costa Rican performance lives up to his legendary name, as well as the spirit of "pura vida."

New York hip-hop legend AZ gets ‘back to himself’ in new video filmed in Costa Rica

AZ has finally made his way to the land of pura vida to film the video for his new song "Back to Myself." That track, and others forthcoming, will mark the 20th anniversary of "Doe or Die" with the release of "Doe or Die, Vol. 2." in coming months.

Swedish police briefly hold US rapper Snoop Dogg

"2 all my Sweden fans U can blame YA police dept for never seeing me again in your beautiful country," the rapper wrote in a tweet.

Mathematics tracks the hip-hop ‘revolution’

PARIS – Of all the music styles to emerge in the last 50 years, none took the world by storm quite like hip-hop, said researchers Wednesday who tracked pop's evolution with cold, hard stats.

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