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gender equality

President Solís to support reforms, female leadership at United Nations

Costa Rica’s President Luis Guillermo Solís travels to New York Friday to address the United Nations General Assembly before meeting with U.S. lawmakers in Washington D.C. Solís and the Costa Rican delegation will meet with business and international leaders while stressing a message of connecting extreme poverty and inequality, according to a statement from Casa Presidencia

Ten-year-old siblings take the stage to promote education for women

Nemesio, Santiago and Sofía Díez, the stars of The Rolling Penguins, will rock the Jazz Café in order to raise funds for three women who are studying at the university level thanks to scholarships from the Costa Rica U.S.A. Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA) and the Latin American University for Science and Technology (ULACIT).

Latin American women fight back against harassment

An online movement includes creative campaigns like "Whistle at Your Mama" in Peru, where Olympic medal-winning volleyball player Natalia Malaga threatened catcallers by sending their mothers to confront them -- complete with a humorous video that went viral.

Why women need Father’s Day

An all-in equal partnership like the one described here might be a reality for only a tiny fraction of families today, but shouldn't our holidays be a bit like the old saying, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"? Shouldn't they reflect our aspirations as well as our realities? If we fully believe in the power of fatherhood, shouldn't our Father's Day reflect that?

Panama Congresswoman’s anti-sexual harassment bill faces ridicule

The bill would do much more than prohibit catcalls. It calls for outlawing bullying, stalking, racism and all forms of sexual harassment. It also calls for developing public policies aimed at preventing these abuses.

Global anti-violence campaign dances through San José

This past Saturday, passersby in the Plaza de la Cultura in the heart of San José got a Valentine’s Day surprise: a flash mob, whose choreographed dance was part of an international call to end violence against women.

PHOTOS: Thousands march to speak out against violence targeting women (and men)

Demonstrators carried signs proclaiming, “Si te agrede no te quiere,” (“If he attacks you, he doesn’t love you”) and our personal favorite, “No soy su reina, cabrón” (“I’m not your queen, asshole”).

Violence against women in the age of new technology

Cellphones, email, social media, instant messaging all translate to new manifestations of violence that are a violation of intimacy as a means of exerting control, often from a spouse, lover or former lover.

Luis Guillermo Solís says gender equality and inclusion will lead to a wealthier Costa Rica

Speaking at the Costa Rican-American Chamber of Commerce, President Luis Guillermo Solís said the country must continue to follow the model of advanced countries and include more women in positions of authority.

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