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FIFA president says Costa Rica could host World Cup, vows ‘never again’ to corruption scandals in soccer

Infantino announced that FIFA is studying the possibility of hosting the Under-20 Women's World Cup in 2020 in Costa Rica and Panama.

Eduardo Li pleads guilty in FIFA fraud case

Former FEDEFUTBOL head Eduardo Li pleaded guilty to three charges relating to conspiracy and corruption on Friday in New York. He is expected to face a reduced sentence.

Eduardo Li wins lawsuit against insurance company over defense costs in FIFA corruption case

A judge ruled that insurer Lloyd's of London must pay for Li's legal defense in the FIFA corruption case. But there's one catch.

Football: US releases three FIFA guilty plea transcripts

A U.S. judge released Monday transcripts of guilty pleas from three prominent defendants in the sweeping FIFA corruption investigation who confessed to crimes and agreed to pay $37.5 million in compensation.

FIFA wants former officials, including Costa Rica’s Eduardo Li, to pay back millions

FIFA on Wednesday sought tens of millions of dollars in damages from the "sordid" officials facing charges in the United States over mass bribery scandals that have rocked world football.

FIFA enacts reforms, chooses new president

No candidate got the required two-thirds majority in the first round of voting to become president, FIFA members did adopt reforms Friday designed to limit the authority of top leaders and end the patronage and waste that prevailed during Sepp Blatter's 18-year term.

Costa Rica’s ex-football chief Eduardo Li gets house arrest

The judge's decision came despite a demand from federal prosecutors of a deposit of $10 million to $15 million as security that Li would remain in the U.S. to face fraud and money laundering charges.

FIFA corruption probe: Michel Platini vows to fight ‘injustice’ 

Michel Platini told AFP in an interview Tuesday that he is determined to fight for the FIFA presidency and to clear his name after being banned for eight years.

FIFA ethics tribunal bans Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini for 8 years

A FIFA ethics tribunal on Monday banned Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini for eight years saying they had abused their positions over a suspect 2 million Swiss franc payment.

Football: Day of FIFA reckoning for Blatter, Platini

FIFA's ethics watchdog will on Monday give a verdict against Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini with both facing lengthy bans over a suspect two million dollar payment.

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