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Meta targets ‘cyber mercenaries’ using Facebook to spy

Facebook parent Meta on Thursday banned a series of "cyber mercenary" groups, and began alerting some 50,000 people likely targeted by the firms accused...

Facebook whistleblower: ‘I want to start a youth movement’

What exactly does one do after leaking thousands of documents from the world's most powerful social media company? For Frances Haugen, the answer is...

Facebook takes down Nicaraguan government-run troll farm

The troll farm started operating in April 2018, when Ortega's government violently put down a wave of protests.

WhatsApp: An indispensable utility for Costa Ricans

If American runs on Dunkin’, Costa Rica runs on WhatsApp (and also coffee). And for most of Monday, Ticos had to live without an indispensable...

Facebook fights global outage and whistleblower revelations

Facebook battled dueling crises on Monday as it faced a large-scale outage of its dominant social network for seven hours, and fought against a...

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram hit by outage

Major social media services including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were hit by a massive outage on Monday, tracking sites showed, impacting potentially tens of millions of...

Brazilian police detain Facebook executive on court order

Brazil's federal police detained a Facebook executive Tuesday for failing to cooperate with judicial orders related to information on the company's website in an investigation of drug trafficking.

Facebook topped $1.5 billion in quarterly profit at end of last year

Facebook on Wednesday reported that its quarterly profit more than doubled as its ranks of users swelled during the past year.

New dad Zuckerberg vows to give away Facebook fortune

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday announced he had become a father -- and pledged to give away his fortune to make the world a "better place" for baby daughter Max and others.

Snapchat vanishing video viewing hits 6 billion daily

Snapchat's appeal has been the promise that messages shared disappear shortly after being viewed, providing users a sense of being able to keep pictures or videos private and ephemeral.

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