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The Tico Times Weekly Digest: Oct. 29, 2018

Another Monday, another Digest. This week we report from the Toucan Rescue Ranch, which hosted the 2018 Sloth Ironman Games.

Fabricio Alvarado leaves Restauración Nacional and creates new party

Former presidential candidate Fabricio Alvarado announced his resignation from the Restauración Nacional Party (PRN) and plans to found a new party called “Nueva República” (New Republic), where – he says – they will not accept the corrupt.

Evangelicals make up quarter of Costa Rica’s new assembly

The Legislative Assembly taking office today is unlike any other in Costa Rican history.

See all The Tico Times’ 360 videos from Costa Rica’s election

Experience the voting process and Election Night celebrations - in the round.

Goodbye, Fabricio!

The PRN campaign was crumbling with each passing day, while on the other side things looked more boring, less spectacular, but more balanced.

PHOTOS: Costa Rica’s media swarms on Election Day

A look at the crowds surrounding politicians on Costa Rica’s big day.

Costa Rica’s Election Day: They all thought they’d win, and so did I

We're all in this together: that's what struck me the most throughout the day.

How popsicle sales predicted Costa Rica’s election result

One unusual method proved surprisingly accurate: the sale of popsicles in the party colors by Costa Rican brand Los Paleteros.

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