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Envision Festival

21 photos from this year’s Envision Festival

Images from the 2017 Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Envision Festival prepares to kick off its seventh edition

The Envision Festival is set to launch its seventh edition on Feb. 23-26 in southern Costa Rica.

24 Photos from the 2016 Envision Festival

The faces of this year's Envision Festival.

Community debates Envision Festival: boon or threat?

The festival hosts approximately 4,000 people for four days, with many staying on as tourists beyond the festival dates. While this provides an economic boost to the community, the people protesting against the festival see it as a threat to Costa Rican culture and a bad example for their kids.

Sixth edition of the Envision Festival inspires music and love

Yoga? Music marathons? Hug dealers? The sixth edition of the Envision Festival had it all.

Get ready for Envision – Here’s our festival guide

First-time Envision Festival-goer? Here's a list of what you need to know before you head down to Uvita in February.

Envision Festival announces 2016 music and arts lineup

The world-renowned Envision Festival, to be held in Uvita, Costa Rica in February, announces the music and arts lineup for its sixth edition.

Filmmaker visits Costa Rica, screens bee documentary

While the film was released in 2009, Maryam Henein recently spent about a month in Costa Rica, where she screened the film in unusual venues, including this year’s Envision Festival in Uvita.

Overheard at Envision 2015

“It took me eight hours to get food last night because I went back to my group and found them all on acid. They couldn't make a decision and every time we tried to leave one of them would wander off and disappear.”

34 photos from the 2015 Envision Festival

More than 5,000 people descended on the Southern Pacific village of Uvita last week for the annual Envision Festival.

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