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Helping refugees to thrive in Costa Rica

Bakers, spa product creators and car wash entrepreneurs get a chance to start over in the Central American nation.

Selina hosts entrepreneur road trip through Costa Rica and Panama

Selina is hosting a road trip through Costa Rica and Panama for entrepreneurs to learn about local initiatives.

Costa Rican student creates buffalo burger, sausage company

This young executive made her first buffalo sausages as a student at the National Technical University (UTN) in Balsa de Atenas, and turned her project into a company.

Yo Emprendedor gives entrepreneurs a start

The startup competition Yo Emprendedor seeks to help Tico entrepreneurs get started.

Churchill: The rebirth of a Costa Rica Classic Dessert

Churchill-inspired popsicles, gelato, milkshakes, cakes and waffles are some of the products cashing in on the newfound popularity of the classic Costa Rican treat.

5 questions for a Costa Rican jewelry designer

Jewelry designer Daniella Baltodano talks aesthetics, biology and architecture in our Weekend Arts Spotlight.

Should entrepreneurs work for free?

The dedicated entrepreneur, working for free: noble and visionary, or in for a rough landing ahead? "Doing Business" columnist Randall Trejos offers some guidelines for deciding how and when to forgo a salary.

Rodrigo Brenes wants to take over the world, one ice cream cone at a time

Tico entrepreneur Rodrigo Brenes has a dream: he wants to make delicious, affordable ice cream for the masses.

Social Entrepreneurship: how you can do good and make money at the same time

The balancing act between profits and social impact is not an easy one to achieve. In defining the category of social entrepreneurship or social investment, many gray areas have emerged, and sometimes it’s hard to determine when a venture is truly social.

How investors and entrepreneurs can find common ground

The right pieces seem to be there, but they’re not matching somehow. Entrepreneurs are still not talking the investors’ language; the investors are not yet very familiar or comfortable with the augmented risks of venture capital; and expats don't necessarily have the networks to find the right projects.

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