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endangered species

Wildlife numbers halved over past four decades, says WWF

PARIS – Wildlife numbers have plunged by more than half in just 40 years as Earth's human population has nearly doubled, a survey of over 3,000 vertebrate species revealed on Tuesday.

He posted on Facebook about killing a jaguar; now this young Tico could be in hot water

A photograph of a dead jaguar posted on a Costa Rican youth's Facebook profile on Tuesday has caused outrage among Ticos on social media sites.

Climate change threatens human’s and wildlife’s access to water, says new report

A new report estimates that a lack of rainfall and rising sea levels from climate change threaten an “alarming” number of Costa Rica’s indigenous flora and fauna, and human access to potable drinking water.

The search for Costa Rica’s extinct golden toad

At the start of Costa Rica's rainy season this year, a group of biologists will embark on a mission to rediscover one of Costa Rica’s most beloved animals, the extinct golden toad.

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