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7 Latin American primate species among the 25 most endangered in the world

7 Latin American primate species, which inhabit Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and one that extends from Mexico to Colombia, are among the most endangered...

Experts estimate endangered Galapagos pink iguana population at 211

Scientific experts sent to the Galapagos Islands to count a critically endangered lizard species estimate there to be just 211 pink iguanas left, local...

Tree-replacement project is improving biodiversity at San José’s La Sabana Park

Preliminary results suggest that a six-year-old project to replace non-native trees in La Sabana Park with native species has succeeded in bringing Costa Rican wildlife back to the park.

Nicaragua canal threatens jaguars, other endangered species, study finds

The planned trans-oceanic canal in Nicaragua could spell disaster for jaguars and other large mammals, according to a new study.

US says manatee should lose endangered species status

When aerial surveys of the West Indian manatee began in 1991, officials counted 1,267 of them in Florida. Now there are more than 6,300 in Florida alone, and the entire population is estimated at 13,000 manatees in its range which includes the Caribbean and the northern coasts of Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

US adds two macaws to endangered species list

MIAMI – Poaching and habitat loss have landed the military macaw (Ara militaris) and the great green macaw (Ara ambiguus), two birds typically found in Central and South America, on the U.S. endangered species list, officials said Thursday.

US experts tracking wildlife trade help train Costa Rican customs inspectors

The United States is one of the world’s largest importers of wild fauna and flora. Central America’s proximity to the U.S. makes it even more important for the region and U.S. customs officials to be on the same page when it comes to flora and fauna trade. “As a consuming country, it’s incumbent on us to make sure that trade is happening legally and sustainably,” said Christina Kish, project manager with the International Technical Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Surprise newborn panda twins vocal, ‘very, very active’

A first tiny cub - pink, hairless and only about the size of an adult mouse - was born at 5:35 pm (2135 GMT) Saturday and Mei Xiang reacted by tenderly picking up it up. Just when conservationists thought they had heard all the good news, the zoo tweeted: "We can confirm a second cub was born at 10:07. It appears healthy. #PandaStory."

Rich US tourists kill hundreds of lions each year, and it’s all legal

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that trophy-hunting tourists legally kill some 600 lions each year. Given that there are only about 30,000 lions left in Africa, this represents an annual loss of roughly 2 percent of the total lion population to legal hunting.

With current rate of climate change, 23 percent of species in South America could face extinction, study finds

The study, published Thursday in journal Science, found that extinction risks were highest in South America, Australia and New Zealand, and risks did not vary by taxonomic group. In South America, the most vulnerable region, 23 percent of species may face extinction.

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