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Ecuador, Colombia slam use of wild animal species after MasterChef episode

Ecuador on Tuesday warned would-be wild animal eaters of possible prison time and Colombia launched an investigation after a competitive cooking TV show featured...

Ecuador expands Galapagos reserve, hopes to partner with Costa Rica

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, announced Monday in Glasgow the expansion of the marine reserve of the Galapagos Islands, considered a natural treasure,...

Experts estimate endangered Galapagos pink iguana population at 211

Scientific experts sent to the Galapagos Islands to count a critically endangered lizard species estimate there to be just 211 pink iguanas left, local...

Ecuador reports first suspected case of coronavirus

There are confirmed case reports in the United States and Canada, but none in Latin America.

Violent protests in Ecuador over fuel price hike

Protesters in Ecuador threw projectiles at riot police Wednesday in a second day of violent protests over a fuel price hike ordered by the government to secure an IMF loan.

Mysterious monkey deaths could be related to climate change

Drought, disease or something more sinister has caused a massive die-off of howler monkeys in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.

Ecuador president: Expect ‘considerable’ rise in quake death toll

Ecuador's president predicted Monday a "considerable" rise in the death toll from a massive earthquake whose tally already included at least 350 lives amid flattened villages along the country's Pacific coast.
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The United Nations (UN) issued a statement calling for respect for the rights of indigenous people. August 9 is the International Day of the...

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