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Dog fighting ban

Hundreds of neglected dogs found in area surrounding Turrialba Volcano

Inspectors from the National Animal Health Service are struggling to manage more than 400 neglected dogs discovered during farm inspections following last week's phreatic eruptions at the Turrialba Volcano, northeast of San José.

Police break up cockfighting ring over the weekend, save 120 roosters

More than 1,200 people were attending an illegal cockfight on Saturday when police raided it on a farm in Barrio Mercedes de Atenas, 40 kilometers west of Costa Rica's capital.

San José’s National Stadium will host Extreme American Rodeo despite complaints from animal rights activists

On Sept. 7, cowboys from across the Americas and as far away as New Zealand will flock to Costa Rica's National Stadium for the country's first-ever American-style rodeo event. Competitors will test their skills in calf roping and cattle herding and try their luck riding on the backs of Costa Rica's most fearsome bulls.

With dog fights banned, animal rights activists shift focus to bullfights and animal mistreatment

With it's publication in the official government newspaper La Gaceta, Costa Rica's dog-fighting ban went into effect last week. The new law clarifies dog fighting as a criminal offense and imposes stricter penalties on those caught organizing fighting rings.

9 things we can expect from Costa Rica’s new president, Luís Guillermo Solís

After coming from behind the pack in a first round of elections, President Luis Guillermo Solís ran practically unopposed in an April runoff. From the information gleaned from his detailed platform and public comments, here are a few things we can likely expect (and not) from the Solís administration.

Costa Rican lawmakers approve dog fighting ban

Under the current laws, dog fight organizers usually have their dogs confiscated if caught, but recieve no other punishment.

Costa Rican man gets $200 fine for organizing dogfights

A criminal court in the canton of Desamparados, south of San José, last week ordered a man whose identity was not disclosed to pay ₡105,000 ($200) for organizing dogfights on his property. Yes, a whopping $200. But he also signed a paper promising not to do it again.

Dog fighting ban moves forward in Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly

If approved the bill would allot prison sentences of up to three years for those convicted of injuring or causing a dog's death.

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