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Cuban migrants

Costa Rica’s Solís bails on Central America summit over Cuban migrant standoff

A summit of Central American leaders in El Salvador on Friday failed to break a regional impasse over the fate of 5,000 U.S.-bound Cuban migrants blocked in Costa Rica for weeks. Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís left the summit before its close without making a promised speech on the issue.

Costa Rica ‘victim’ of US-Cuban immigration laws, says President Solís

Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solís’ frustration with the Cuban migrant crisis was clear in his remarks during a news conference Tuesday in Cuba.

Guatemala demands Mexico pledge over blocked Cuban migrants

Guatemala said Wednesday it needed a pledge from Mexico that it would allow in thousands of Cuban migrants headed to the U.S. before it can let them transit its territory from Costa Rica or Panama.

Cuban migrants spend a month in camps as regional leaders fail to reach solution

Belize’s refusal to receive the migrants means that thousands of Cuban migrants will remain stuck in temporary shelters as the holidays approach.

Costa Rica considers flights for Cuban migrants as options shrink 

Costa Rica’s options for dealing with the more than 4,000 Cuban migrants stuck in the country on their way to the U.S. are growing fewer by the day, leaving the government to consider arranging flights for the migrants.

US, Cuba talk on migration amid migrant crisis in Central America

The talks, which resulted in no new accord, Cuban officials said, come in the midst of the Cuban migrants crisis in Central America.

Ecuador requires Cubans get visas to dissuade them from using country as springboard to US

Ecuador will begin requiring visas for Cubans starting Dec. 1 in an attempt to dissuade them from using the country as a springboard to get to the U.S. The move is the latest in an ongoing diplomatic and humanitarian crisis in which several thousand Cuban migrants are camped out at the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border.

Desperate Cubans mass at Nicaragua’s closed border

LA CRUZ, Guanacaste – Cuban migrants aiming for a new life in the United States but stranded in Costa Rica by a Nicaragua border firmly closed to them expressed mounting anger and desperation on Thursday.

Cuban migration in Central America in limbo after Nicaragua refuses to budge

Nearly 3,000 Cuban migrants in Costa Rica still have no way to legally reach the United States after an emergency meeting of Central American foreign ministers in San Salvador ended Tuesday without an agreement.

The fate of thousands of Cuban migrants will be determined at a Quality Inn

Costa Rica has proposed a “humanitarian corridor” through the region that would allow the migrants to pass freely through with temporary transit visas.

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