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Cuban migrants

AH1N1 death of Cuban migrant alarms Panama

A Cuban migrant's death from the AH1N1 virus has alarmed authorities in Panama, where nearly 1,000 Cubans are stranded near the border with Costa Rica.

Cuban migrants with children to be among first out in Costa Rica airlift 

As many as 180 Cuban migrants could be on the first flight to El Salvador from Costa Rica but there's still no firm date for the airlift to begin.

A flow of Cubans – going home

While still dwarfed by the number of Cubans leaving the island, a growing number are opting to move back as trailblazing entrepreneurs.

Costa Rica to Cuban migrants: ‘Stop coming’ (but if you’re here already, we’ll fly you out)

LIBERIA, Guanacaste -- Cubans risking all to reach the United States are cheering a deal this week between Central American nations to start flying them...

US congress members in Costa Rica to assess Cuban migrant crisis

A member of the U.S. House of Representatives arrived in Costa Rica on Tuesday to assess the Cuban migrant crisis, while a New Jersey mayor said he would put up a six-figure sum to help the migrants pay their way north.

Central American countries agree to safe passage for Cuban migrants marooned in Costa Rica

After more than a month at loggerheads over what to do with Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica en route to the U.S., Central American countries finally reached an agreement to allow them safe passage.

Costa Rica to deport Cuban migrants who lack visa

A group of 56 Cuban migrants were at a temporary detention center in San José on Monday waiting to be deported back to their country.

Pope asks Central American nations to help resolve Cuban humanitarian drama

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis on Sunday asked Central American nations to help end the "humanitarian drama" affecting thousands of U.S.-bound Cubans stranded in the region.

Central America leaders fail again to reach agreement on Cuban migrant crisis

Central American negotiators on Tuesday failed at yet another attempt to find a solution to help Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica near its borders with Nicaragua and Panama.

Discussion of Cuban migrant crisis to resume Tuesday in Mexico

The meeting was convened by representatives of the Central American Integration System, or SICA, to seek a regional solution to the crisis.

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