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Cuban migrants

Latin America ministers agree to emergency meeting on Cuban migrants

Foreign Ministers of Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba and member states of the Central American Integration System are scheduled to meet on Nov. 24 to discuss a “humanitarian corridor” proposed by Costa Rica, along with other possible solutions to the influx of Cuban migrants traveling illegally through the isthmus.

President Solís, church leaders discuss Cuban migrant crisis

The nearly 1,000 Cuban migrants at the Nicaraguan border have become a diplomatic hot potato as countries blame one another for the crisis.

Costa Rica calls for regional meeting to address flood of Cuban migrants

Costa Rica called Tuesday for establishing a humanitarian corridor for Cuban migrants traveling overland through the Americas to the United States.

Crisis at the border: Costa Rica weighs its options after Nicaragua violently turns back Cuban migrants

PEÑAS BLANCAS, Guanacaste – When he began the long journey north from Ecuador, doctor Henry Roque wore a brand-name watch, carried a suitcase full of clothing and had a hat to protect him from the sun. Twenty-two days later, the only possessions he has are the clothes on his back and a Cuban passport.

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