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Weirdest Costa Rican News Stories of The Year

In celebration of 2016 finally ending, we've compiled the weirdest and most bizarre news stories from Costa Rica from the past year.

Cuba Dave found guilty of promoting sex tourism, faces five more years in prison

Sex tourist David Strecker, aka Cuba Dave, was found guilty of violating one count of Costa Rica's Sex Tourism Law in a San José court Wednesday.

On eve of historic sex tourism trial, Cuba Dave is optimistic he’ll be acquitted

David Strecker, aka Cuba Dave, will begin trial Wednesday for accusations that he violated Costa Rica's Sex Tourism Law by "promoting the country as a destination for sexual tourism."

Trial against U.S. sex tourist Cuba Dave begins

After spending a full year in preventive prison, U.S. resident David Strecker will stand trial on charges that he promoted Costa Rica as a destination for sex tourism.

Cuba Dave set to finish year in preventive prison on allegations of promoting sex tourism

David "Cuba Dave" Strecker is set to finish out a full year in preventive prison for allegations of promoting sex tourism in Costa Rica. He says he was officially charged Thursday for the first time.

Jailed Costa Rica sex tourist Cuba Dave: ‘I’m a political prisoner’

David Strecker, aka Cuba Dave, met with The Tico Times for an exclusive interview at the prison yard in La Reforma jail recently. While authorities maintain that the 65-year-old U.S. man illegally promoted sex tourism to Costa Rica, Strecker says he's been unfairly jailed for six months.

The winners and losers of Costa Rica in 2015

The headline says it all. Find out who we picked this year.

‘Cuba Dave’ awaits Monday hearing for alleged ‘promotion of sex tourism’ in Costa Rica

Costa Rican judges could set an interesting precedent on Monday when they decide whether or not to charge 65-year-old David Strecker, aka "Cuba Dave," under a new and previously untested law that aims to clean up the country's image as a sex tourism haven.

‘Cuba Dave’ may face jail time over Costa Rica’s relatively unknown sex tourism law

Costa Rican authorities say that the man known as "Cuba Dave" has been illegally promoting the country as a haven for sex tourism, despite a 2012 law that forbids attracting people to Costa Rica for the exploitation of prostitution.

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