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Costa Rica Ministry to Investigate Crocodile Attack

The Ministry of Environment and Energy along with the National System of Conservation Areas released a statement expressing regret about the recent crocodile attack...

Crocodile Attack Kills Costa Rica Fisherman

In a rare event in Costa Rica, a local fisherman was attacked by a crocodile, not once but twice, resulting in his death. The...

Costa Rica’s Famous Crocodiles and the Rio Tarcoles Bridge

Costa Rica’s Rio Tarcoles is most well known for what resides within its waters.  Attracting eager onlookers year-round, many hope to catch an exciting...

Crocodile found dead in Gulf of Nicoya following thousands of washed up fish

Something very bad is happening in the Gulf of Nicoya, where a dead crocodile turned up just days after thousands of dead sardines washed ashore.

Costa Rica’s crocodile conflict

Costa Rica is tied with Brazil for the most reported crocodile attacks in the Americas this year.

Crocodile warning signs in Costa Rica have decreased bad encounters with tourists, Environment Ministry reports

Environment officials have seen a decrease by up to 90 percent in complaints related to tourists feeding or approaching crocodiles. Local residents also are warming up to the signs.

Hungry crocodile removed from Costa Rica home

Nothing like walking out on to your front porch in the morning and finding a crocodile staring back at you.

Wildlife expert mauled by 3-meter crocodile in Costa Rica

A Costa Rican crocodile expert is now recuperating in a hospital bed after being bitten last Wednesday by a crocodile during a relocation demonstration in the coffee town of Atenas, 44 kilometers northwest of the capital.

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