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How to beat the rainy season in Costa Rica with kids

I come from dry places. I am relatively new at motherhood. I am relatively new to Costa Rica. Therefore, the first downpours to trap me — along with a husband, a 3-year-old and a newborn — inside our small San José apartment filled me with dread.

New “STEAM Room” in Costa Rica’s Children’s Museum

Starting June 2, all children, young people and families in general who visit Costa Rica’s Children's Museum, will be able to enjoy a modern...

Unicef accuses rich countries, including Costa Rica, of endangering children

Most rich countries are creating unhealthy, dangerous and harmful conditions for children around the world, according to a report by Unicef's Innocenti Research Center,...

Report Says Drop in Vaccines Exposes Latin American Kids to Disease

One in four children in Latin America and the Caribbean does not have vaccine protection against three potentially deadly diseases, a UN report said...

Costa Rica Anti-Vaccine group enters hospital by force

In a chaotic, and at times violent confrontation, a group of anti-vaccine advocates forcibly entered a hospital in Heredia as part of their protest...

Costa Rica continues mandatory covid-19 vaccinations for children amid criticism

The Costa Rican government is trying to defend the mandatory vaccination of children against covid-19, a campaign it started on Monday, amidst criticism from...

Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaría Museum will offer virtual vacation workshops

As is tradition, the Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum, along with with the University of Costa Rica - Interuniversity Headquarters of Alajuela, is getting its artistic...

Costa Rica to mandate vaccines for students age 5-12 and visiting parents

The Ministry of Education announced that all students age 5 -12 will have to be vaccinated in order to attend classes. The Ministry of...

Dozens of Costa Ricans demonstrate against vaccination of children

Around a hundred people demonstrated Wednesday in Costa Rica against mandatory childhood vaccination against covid-19. "Our objective is that under no reason the vaccination of...

This Thanksgiving in Costa Rica, pass a plate to those in need

Share your Thanksgiving meal with a child in need - including children who have fled the Syrian conflict - with just a click on your smartphone.

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