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CREAR: Enjoy, don’t destroy

The association CREAR in Sámara, Guanacaste involves children in art and social activities to protect the environment.

Ana Paula Rivera: The restless body and the art of dance

Ana Paula Rivera is a stage artist, yoga teacher, massage specialist, producer at the Heredia Symphony Orchestra and more. She's basically a restless human body.

What to do in Costa Rica in September

Some of our favorite events this month.

5 questions for Costa Rican artist Raudyn Alfaro

"If you drink a cup of our coffee, you’re also drinking Costa Rican values."

High culture, low canvas in Costa Rica

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

PHOTOS: Transitarte brings art, music to sunny San José streets

Take in some of the sights from this year's Transitarte in Parques Morazán, España and Nacional.

Our #GreatestReadersOnEarth: Adrián Gómez

Adrián Gómez checks out our print edition.

Bitterness and beauty

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

5 questions for French artist Victoire Cathalan

A chat with one of the artists featured at this year's Tamarindo Art Wave.

PHOTOS: A glimpse of the Tamarindo Art Wave Festival

Images of the second day of Tamarindo's art festival.

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