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Costa Rica issues sanitary alert over adulterated alcohol

Costa Rican authorities are investigating reports of at least eight deaths in June and July related to methanol poisoning. 

Apotecario’s amazing kombucha margarita is not (yet) on their menu

In the midst of ambitious renovations, Apotecario’s kombucha cocktails are not even a month old. They are so new that you have to ask for them yourself or expect the waiters to surprise you with the news.

Only 17 cantons will enforce dry law during Holy Week

Business owners who disobey the dry law will face fines of up to 10 base salaries, or ₡4.2 million (some $7,500).

Alcohol still the most popular drug in Costa Rica

IAFA’s survey also found an increase in Ticos' consumption of marijuana, cocaine and crack, although the use of tobacco is on the decline.

Few cantons will enforce Costa Rica’s dry law during the municipal elections

Of a total of 81 cantons in Costa Rica, only six will enforce a ban on alcohol sales during upcoming municipal elections on Sunday, according to the National Union of Local Governments. That's just over 7 percent.

In the US, people are drinking themselves to death at record rates

Alcohol is killing people in the United States at a rate not seen in at least 35 years, according to new federal data. Last year, more than 30,700 U.S. people died from alcohol-induced causes, including alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis.

Alcohol consumption in Costa Rica is the second lowest on the continent, study finds

The main reason Ticos drink is for fun, a study finds.

Booze bootleggers busted after bribe backfires

Cops seized 597 cases of booze, including rum, whiskey, tequila and beer, worth an estimated ₡20 million ($38,000).

Police seize more than 10,000 contraband cigarettes in San José raids

A joint operation involving officials from three government agencies on Tuesday resulted in the confiscation of 10,687 cigarettes that entered the country under irregular circumstances, confirmed the Public Security Ministry (MSP).

Finance Ministry proposes tougher sanctions to crack down on contraband smuggling

Liquor, beer and cigarettes are the three most common items that smugglers transport across the border. Fiscal Control Police last year confiscated 123,072 bottles of beer, 36,464 bottles of whisky and more than 21 million cigarettes.

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