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National Police seize contraband cargo an hour after inauguration of new checkpoint

Barely one hour after the official opening of a new police checkpoint at Kilometer 35 of the southern stretch of the Inter-American Highway, National Police officers seized a shipment of contraband merchandise inside a bus owned by a company that travels between Panama and Costa Rica, the Public Security Ministry reported.

Police seize contraband World Cup Sele shirts

It looks like even smugglers are getting into the World Cup spirit after Costa Rica's upset victory over Uruguay.

Costa Rica Border Police seize 7,000 doses of pharmaceutical drugs, other contraband at Nicaragua border

Border Police over the weekend conducted 25 operations along Costa Rica's northern border with Nicaragua, confiscating approximately ₡10 million ($18,000) in contraband from smugglers.

Is Costa Rica’s anti-tobacco law encouraging smuggling?

Two years after Costa Rica passed an aggressive national anti-smoking law, the number of illegal smokes seized by law enforcement has skyrocketed by 89 percent, according to figures from the Finance Ministry.

Smugglers play central role in money laundering, say law enforcement

Contraband might seem like a good deal, but law enforcement officials argue that the illicit trade aids money launderers, weakens an already strained tax collection system and could even pose a health hazard.
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Costa Rica’s National Symphony Orchestra to Perform Free Concerts

The National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica (OSNCR) will perform two free concerts on Thursday, June 20, and Friday, June 21, at 8 p.m....

Costa Rica’s Main Caribbean Highway Plagued by Instability

The National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (LANAMME-UCR) conducted an assessment of Route 32 and found at...

Unraveling the Mystery of a Costa Rican Expat’s Past

Expats come to Costa Rica for all types of reasons; Some come to live, some to die. Some are running from something, others in...