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Costa Rican cops confiscate tanker truck loaded … with booze

Officers of the National Police and the Fiscal Control Police at the community of Paso Canoas, next to the Panama border, on Thursday seized a shipment of liquor with an approximate value of ₡20 million (some $38,000) hidden inside a tanker.

Once Mexico’s booze of ‘drunks,’ mezcal earns respect

SANTIAGO MATATLÁN, Mexico – Once derided as a drink for destitute drunkards, Mexico's smoky-flavored mezcal liquor has come out of the shadows to become a trendy booze in fashionable bars from Mexico City to Sydney.

Costa Rica has the 4th highest rate of alcoholism in Latin America and the Caribbean

INTERACTIVE: Compare the most popular type of drinks and consumption rates across Latin America.

Smugglers play central role in money laundering, say law enforcement

Contraband might seem like a good deal, but law enforcement officials argue that the illicit trade aids money launderers, weakens an already strained tax collection system and could even pose a health hazard.

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