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Costa Rica to host events for International Day for People of African Descent

Costa Rica will host events during the first commemoration of the International Day of People of African Descent, an initiative promoted by the country and formally adopted by the UN in 2020.

Experts urge action to reduce inequalities of black Latin American population

World Bank data indicates that the black population of the region has a 2.5-times higher likelihood of living in poverty and has fewer options to access education compared to the rest of the inhabitants of Latin America.

‘Much remains to be done’ to address inequality for Afro-descendants in Latin America, report says

Afro-descendants receive fewer years of education, are more frequently victims of crime and violence, and are 2.5 times more likely to live in conditions of chronic poverty than the rest of the population in Latin America.

Afro-descendant culture in Costa Rica: Celebrating black excellence in August

In August, everywhere you turn there is some incredible event celebrating Afro-Costa Ricans and their profound historical contributions to Costa Rica.

5 questions for Costa Rican artist Adrián Gómez

Art that helps build a collective imagination depicting the vibrancy and liveliness of Costa Rica's Caribbean region: that's what characterizes the work of Adrián...

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