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‘Pura vida’ on a mission: Monteverde recovers from Tropical Storm Nate

The spirit of collaboration and the willingness to act were, and still are, operating at levels rarely seen here in Monteverde – or anywhere.

One community’s story of Tropical Storm Nate: landslides, fear and resilience

The hours progressed, and the rain came in — sideways. At 40 to 50 kilometers an hour. For almost two days.

Bike rides with Paul Smith – and other dangerous pursuits

Paul, now in his mid-eighties, is a never-ending source of inspiration and ideas. You do not say no to Paul. Paul, however, does say no.

The day I rode my bicycle to see the president

"There are some amazing upsides to a country where a government largely trusts its own people, and where vitriol and intolerance are very much the exception, not the rule."

Monteverde: You can get there from here, but you’ll need some pura vida

I’d been this exact guy about five years ago on our first trip to Monteverde. It’s a long, hard drive, particularly with your entire family and related luggage squeezed into less space than is typically provided by a mini-fridge.
Costa Rica Coffee
Costa Rica Coffee

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