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Canal Woes

Consortium threatens to stop work on expanding Panama Canal

Construction is scheduled to be completed in June 2015, already a nine-month delay over the date set in the contract.

Panama Canal expansion hits $570 million snag

A dispute between a contractor and the canal authority over cement could push back the finish date to 2015.
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Costa Rica Launches Operativo Pacífico to Combat Crime

Costa Rican Police Forces will implement "Operativo Pacífico" in the province of Puntarenas during the coming weeks, as informed by the director of the...

No Damage Reported After 5.4 Earthquake Hits Panama-Costa Rica Border

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake, which caused no casualties or damage, shook the border between Panama and Costa Rica this Saturday, according to Panamanian authorities. The...

Global Leaders Condemn Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump

Numerous world leaders condemned and expressed their shock at the attempted assassination of former U.S. President and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, during a shooting...